Scientists created a miracle drug

Good news for people who don’t want to work out, or rather good news for EVERYONE! If you don’t want exercise but still get fit, increase endurance and gain muscle then you are in luck!

Scientists at Vadheim University in Norway have successfully altered the drug SR9009 to work on human beings.

The compounds of this drug have already been known for many years but it has only been possible to make the effects work on rats. Now, however, the scientists are sure that the composition they have produced works on human beings and that it hasn’t had any negative side effects since they began to test it on humans.

We have been testing this compound for about two years now and the results have been amazing! We have 400 volunteers for this experiment and all of them have had incredible gains! This new compound of the SR9009 increases the level of metabolic activity in micro-skeletal muscles of human body. It will help the body to develop larger muscles and increase endurance in a way, which mimics the effects of aerobic exercise.” said Bjorn Bjørnstjerne, one of the scientist in the group.

Ingleif Holmgeir the lead scientist of the research project said that they are almost certain that they are able to make this drug available for everyone within two years. “We have finally found the Holy Grail of human health”.


11:11, Wednesday, April 2, 2014 by Peter Crawford